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My name is Chanel Blaylock and I help preschoolers unlock their speaking superpowers! As a ​licensed and certified, Pediatric Speech Language Pathologist​, I am pleased to let you know that I provide services to help improve speech and language skills for preschoolers ages 3 to 5​ in the following areas:

  • Articulation
  • Expressive Language
  • Receptive Language

I received my Bachelor's and Master’s degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Over the past seven years I have had the pleasure to serve hundreds of young children overcome limitations related to speech and language delays and disorders.


"I really appreciate how Chanel has been able to get M to open up with her; M had been hesitant about speech therapy, but she now says that it is one of her favorite parts of her week."

— Melanie's Mother

Thank you for your participation and support in V’s speech therapy. She was noticeably nervous about her initial interaction with you, but you calmed her anxieties, gained her trust, and made her comfortable. She enjoyed her sessions with you and looked forward to practicing her sounds in a play-therapy setting."

— VM's Mom