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Teacher Chanel is simply the best. Full transparency, we had lots of different speech therapists for our child. We moved across coasts and three different cities. Along that journey our child worked with 6 therapists, and saying that Chanel stands out as the best is an understatement. 

Our child went from signing, and speaking 2 word phrases to a chatterbox that talks non stop. She is actually well ahead of her development now all thanks to the team. 

Chanel really knows how to engage with the child and their interest to provide incentives for the child to speak. We saw so much roll play, imaginative play, theme play from science to real life learning, and energetic body play as well. 

We would recommend all families to go work with her team now. 

— Jeeny K.

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The owner of The Speech Boutique, Chanel is dedicated to the wellbeing of each and every family she connects with. Chanel began her career 7 years as an open, communicative haven for first time parents of preschoolers to address their concerns. When Chanel isn't using her magic touch to ease anxious parents and increase their competence and confidence, she's attending sporting and music events, classes and conferences to implement the most innovative practices to address he preschoolers needs.