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"I feel good about what we've been working on (seeing it carry over at home) and optimistic overall! Super empowered myself and excited for him!"

"Nick’s teacher said he's become much more social at school and is making friends. He's been super sweet with his baby brother too."

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This is for Caregivers who are ready to ditch the guessing and finally know exactly what to do to support your infant or toddler’s development.

Good news: There’s a better way to ensure that you are well prepared to know what to do to support your little one’s development. Let me show you.

Meet Chanel.

The owner of The Speech Boutique, Chanel is dedicated to the wellbeing of each and every family she connects with. Chanel began her career 7 years as an open, communicative haven for first time parents of preschoolers to address their concerns. When Chanel isn't using her magic touch to ease anxious parents and increase their competence and confidence, she's attending sporting and music events, classes and conferences to implement the most innovative practices to address he preschoolers needs.  

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