We have helped our clients use more words and stop tantrums before their 2nd birthday using our Signature program, Language Launchpad.

Use more words now

"Our experience with Language Launchpad has been nothing short of exceptional. When our toddler joined the program, we were impressed by the structured approach and comprehensive support provided. " - Erin

"Chanel is simply the best. Full transparency, we had lots of different speech therapists for our child. We moved across coasts and three different cities. Along that journey our child worked with 6 therapists, and saying that Chanel stands out as the best is an understatement. " -Jeeny K mother of 2 year old

"When we started with Language Launchpad, our late-talking toddler had limited communication skills, and we were concerned about their progress. However, what impressed us the most was not only the progress our child made during the program but also the skills we acquired as parents. " -Kristie mother of 19 month old

Here's our proven roadmap to results:

  • PHASE 1: Enhance your child's attention and listening skills.
  • PHASE 2: Eliminate Tantrums and Boost Emotional Regulation Skills
  • PHASE 3: Expand Vocabulary to Over 50 Words, Amplify Their Word Usage in All Environments.

Our holistic approach, which includes a comprehensive evaluation, personalized interventions, and a supportive framework, will provide your child with the necessary tools to excel in their communication journey and seamlessly transition to pre-K.

"The program was thoughtfully designed, with a perfect balance of individualized therapy sessions and collaborative efforts with the team and teachers."

- Aimee

"Our child went from signing, and speaking 2 word phrases to a chatterbox that talks non stop. She is actually well ahead of her development now all thanks to the team."

- Heather & Mark


Witness your child confidently using over 50 words in no time.

what our clients have to say

"This holistic approach allowed for a deep understanding of our child's needs and ensured consistency across different settings."

- Mia & Jamie

"We would recommend all families to go work with her team now."

- Sarah

"The evaluation process was eye-opening, as we could see the tangible results and milestones achieved throughout the program."

- Jasmine & Robert


One aspect that we absolutely love is the visual schedule introduced in the first session. It helped our child understand and follow a routine reducing anxiety and meltdowns. Language Launchpad has been an invaluable resource for our family.

— Karen S.

Results aren't chance; they're the outcome of a proven system, actions taken, work done, and the right guidance received.

Ready to witness fewer meltdowns, more words? Let's make it happen!



We're dedicated to expanding your toddler's vocabulary and helping them self-soothe through tough moments quickly.

If you're hesitant about the possibilities here or if LANGUAGE LAUNCHPAD is the right choice for you, let me assure you:

LANGUAGE LAUNCHPAD is a top-tier program, and its value reflects that. But if you're still unsure if it's 'worth it,' here's my promise:

If you actively participate, implement the strategies, and don't see an increase in words used or a decrease in meltdowns, I'll continue working with you for free until you do.

Ready for your child to hit language milestones? With LANGUAGE LAUNCHPAD's guidance and your commitment, there's no reason to hesitate. Apply today!