Good news! 

Parenting your toddler does not have to be a daunting task filled with tantrums, meltdowns, and constant pushback. Your child is capable of managing their emotions, playing cooperatively, and self-advocating, and “you” mom and dad can empower them to succeed in these areas by serving as their very first teacher. 

Allow me, Chanel Blaylock, to show you how, step by step. I am a licensed speech pathologist and professional parent coach with over 10 years of professional experience working with early learners.


Hi, I'm Chanel, speech pathologist and parent coach.

I empower parents like you to become your child's first teacher by equipping YOU with the necessary skills, knowledge, and strategies to prepare your preschoolers for kindergarten and beyond.  

I've seen 1st-time parents struggle to teach their child foundational learning, communication and social-emotional skills- what I know for sure.... there is an easier way. No more "waiting" for your child's preschool teacher to prepare them for kindergarten.

I've helped hundreds of 1st time parents regain their confidence by supporting them with the skills to:

  • effectively communicate with their preschoolers,
  • establish healthy & consistent boundaries at home,
  • reduce and eliminate meltdowns,
  • aid their child in formulating healthy relationships, and
  • equip their child for kindergarten readiness.

My services are most effective for parents wanting to do the following with consistency and ease:  

  • Desire to be your child's 1st teacher
  • Want to learn how and what "to do" to support your child's early development
  • Have more empathy and patience for your child  
  • Want to be more attuned to your child's communication, learning styles, and social and emotional development




Play&Grow is an action oriented parent group parent coaching program intended for first time parents and guardians who want to support their child’s speech, language and social development in 30 days or less.

Knowing what to do and when to do it is the closest thing we have to magic. It can completely transform and amplify your child's learning and development. This program is designed to equip your child's nanny/ caregiver with the tools needed to engage, communicate and relate with your child in a healthy and positive manner during their care taking hours.

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Enhancing and enriching your children's quality of life is so important to us. Our team of qualified therapist will perform a comprehensive speech and language evaluation to take inventory of the skills and concepts your child has mastered and reveal emerging skills.

An individualized Speech Boutique learning plan will be complete, reviewed with your child's team then we will work with your child to empower them for success.


You are your child's first teacher?

Join me and develop easy to use strategies to prepare your child for their first year in school.